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Q 1: What helped you or when did you realize you wanted to pursue music?

A 1: What helped me, was the realization that I had a gift, and that God was pushing me in the direction of using it to get His message out. Not going to lie, there were many times that I second guessed myself, but every time I did, somehow He would remind me that I was doing it for Him, and doing it on His time. Eventually, with that concept in mind I learned to be content with where I was at. People enjoyed the music, some affirmed that they had been touched through it. That was good enough for me.

Q 2:  What do like most and don't like about performing?

A 2: Haha, the lights! Cuz' when a dude be dancing up there, you can't tell if people are dancing along or not haha. Just kidding, but on the serious note, It would probably be the adoration and recognition I get from it. I want to hear people praising God and giving glory to Him. This is nothing but a platform, not a pedestal. So at the end of a show, I wanna hear people telling me how God moved them tonight, how God is working in them. More of Him, less about me.

Q 3: Favourite childhood memory?

A 3: Umm well this one isn't exactly a childhood memory, rather it's a memory from the summer of 2009, but... I got to go and dance on stage side by side with MC Hammer when he came to the Exhibition in Regina. It was at his free concert and I was one of the ones called up on stage, and he then asked me to dance with him on his large stage subs. It was awesome! "Too Legit to Quit!"

Q 4: What do find yourself praying about the most?

A 4: I find myself praying for God to teach me how to maintain humility, to trust His providence, and to walk by faith when it comes to pursuing goals and aspirations. At times I used to be so caught up in the issue of, "is this what God wants?" and I have come to learn that all God wants, is for us to have Him in mind in whatever decisions we make, and He will direct you where you want to go. A good friend recently told me, "God can't steer a ship that isn't moving." 

Q 5: Not including God (should a given) or family, who inspires you the
most? Why?

 A 5: Probably... the former CEO of Cross Movement, and now member of the Christian Hip-Hop label Xist Music, the Ambassador. He was most definitely one of the starting points of find out what Christian Hip-Hop was, and when I was in the time of my life where I wanted to be a G, I wanted to be the 50-Cents, and Snoop Doggs and what not. God brought the intrigue of a particular album sitting on the shelf of, "Parables Book Store" in Saskatoon. That album was, "The Thesis" by the Ambassador. I loved this album, and it brought me to the realization that I was being a fraud and I was not being myself, and this was offensive to God. "For I am beautifully and wonderfully made." Now the thing about Ambassador that impresses me the most, is his transparency. I know most people know about his fall out with Cross Movement, due to going against ministry protocol. What impresses is me, is how he dealt with it. A true man of repentance, steps back from any form of leadership, all music all "lime light." To rebuild with his Savior, to rebuild anew with his family, and now...he's back and better than ever! Faith, and perseverance in the flesh.



I went to a crossmovement concert years ago and they did something like your Mc Hammer experiance.. they called out to people to come on stage and show what they got for lerics. everyone loved it and in the end praised the chance to be a part of the show... I would love to come to your concerts and hear you brotha. Maybe in the futre. Word up for finding me on facebook. if you would like, i have a studio that i record in over here in Toronto and in the country for a chance to drop some rhymes with a different flavor. peace and strength to you man. and i thank the lord for blessing you and everyone with the gift of music.. Amen
I love your Christian Hip-Hop musics, especially the first one... i cant stop listening to it :).

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