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Fresh IE and his Team (Cote, Shadow, MDK,) are in Rankin Inlet.  They Flew 5 Hours To the Isolated Community of 2000, They are Preparing for a 6 day Outreach, with other Guest from as far as Sweden, Montana.  There will be Workshops, Speaking, and of Course High energy Concerts, with a Hope of strong holds being Destroyed and The Lord Jesus Glorified.  Please pray for us as we get ready Tonight!  more updates coming up (video Blog, Pics) soon. :)



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Hope "I was a really great experience LOL ! . Hey Fresh . I really need that song "White Flag" . Its bin stuck in my head ever since you guys took off lol . I donno when im going there, I want to hang out when I get there though . Hope you guys come back some day .
Heyy; ..... ,, You Guy's Where SOO AMESEOME , Wish You Guys Can Go Back Here And Visit Some Day .. And There's Somehting I Had To Give To Fresh IE But I Forgot Soo I Don't Know What To Do ... MDK ,Fresh IE , Shadow Miss You Guys All Lol Hi Dad MDK <--- My Dad ,, Cote <--- My Brother ... MISS YOU GUYS REALLY MUCH <33 :P
*It was a great experience* lol . Not 'I was a great experience' (:
I'm so glad you guys came up here . I was a really great experience . I enjoy being around you guys all , and you guys will be greatly miss by everybody in the community . :)

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