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New Music Coming!!!

Recently a Friend asked me  "why do you release so much Music Fresh?"

 The Only answer i have is, Music is a Tool to me, and although I've been acknowledged by The Recording Academy of Arts and Science (twice) and been Nominated for over 60 awards in my 10yrs of Music,

There still is a Young man or woman Struggling, Missing, suicidal, etc.

I make music to connect and Point People to the Cross of Jesus Christ.

With that being said in 2013 heres whats coming!!

RedLetterz (10 year Anniversary) remixed and remastered

B.I.G. (an Album with Bubba B)

A Collab Album with Brutha War (Bruthas Grimm)

City of Worship 2

and a Free Mixtape 

Please Continue to Pray for us and support us by going to I Tunes and buying the Music.

Fresh IE


you, Shadow, and that other guy( i don't know his name). but you guys are totally awesome! : ) , i like your voices when you sing. Come again to Onion Lake. ( :

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